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Ours is the Ministry GOOD SHEPHERD GOSPEL MINISTRIES, Reach the un-reached, Touch the untouched, Preaching, saving, caring, counseling, considering the growth of every soul in the Lord.

It is not at all the will of god that one single soul should perish even. Basing on His will and wish the "GOOD SHEPHERD GOSPEL MINISTRIES" formed and working among the unreached to see that they are reached the feet of the Lord. Spiritual growth, spiritual care together with social means applied. For your kind information I am Pastor.G.Mohana Rao. I have been working with the Lord since my child hood, as my parents are dedicated servants of the Lord. Even though I was working in the ministry I finished my secular education that is graduation in Science B.Sc., and after that I completed my Theology B.Th.

After my birth my father dedicated me for His service. He gave me a burden of working among the Orphans, widows, HIV people, so also with handicapped, down trodden, depressed and oppressed. According to ISAIAH 41: verse 9,10 I understood that I have been called and chosen to carry out His mission among the people said above. Ours is the nation neglecting Christ, and His love as Non-Christians playing a major role as per its predominance. We struggled hard and carry the mission with which we are rested. Since I understood that I have been dedicated by my parents in my child itself .It is His will that all my aggressive measures taken by me made me very firm. Thus I am called in. We need to change the people rather morally bound to unite as many as we can from the clutches of satan and the world.Today we are in a desperate, final spiritual fight for the nations. Complacency, godlessness, humanism, money, political power, world control, antichrist, Islam all are fighting to take control. I believe there comes a time in our lives when how ever long we have been serving god wants to challenge us and attract our attention because He wants to do something new some thing more powerful through you & Me. One scripture is from Hosea 10:12 " Break up your unploughed ground". Challenging you to rise up and do something for the glory of god.

Even though gospel is being preached more the real Christian are not coming out to show that His love is a spontaneous one. For your kind information even though the christians are 3% in India most of them are nominal.

Our Nation :

Here is a brief description of our nation. Our country is a country of various religions and consists 28 STATES, with in that 7 union territories, we have over hundreds of Disrticts. Population in our soil is over 1 Billion. Christianity is only 3% over 80% is Hindus.That the Christianity in other words His spontaneous love should be spread over in our soil unto the nook & corner of our country. Over Billions of goddesses being worshipped in our soil. Snakes, Trees, Rocks, animals, Hoods, and so on so forth are our Goddesses. Our desire is to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ by taking the good news of Christ to every nation, tribe, and tongue. In these circumstances truth is to be preached to the entire nation through mass media as well as folk media. We like to introduce our Lord Jesus through our way of cult.

The conditions of the Christians in our area becoming from bad to worse. Generally the houses of the christians prevailed in the outskirts of the city,town or a village. The majority people consider christians as a minority clause. They are not allowed to draw the water from the wells sometimes. Many atrocities against Christians often take place. Caste system in India plays a major role and keeping the Christians as untouchables. In a telegraphic language let me tell you that is they are living in merciless conditions.

We believe in the resurrection of the saved unto everlasting life in heaven and the resurrection of the unsaved unto eternal punishment.

We are committed to serve the Lord with all our heart, mind, soul and strength despite of all the hardships.


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